Increase and Apply Your Knowledge Towards a Goal

A mandatory feature of a strong foundation for securing financial success, and freedom, is having multiple streams of income. I'm not the first person to say this, and I won't be the last. It's a concept that's widely accepted.

I'm still just starting out on this journey towards a life without worries of bills, debt, and scarcity of money, so I am open to all possibilities of income.

Becoming an seller is slowly becoming one of the methods I make myself a part of, in order to secure the future I want for my family.

I have been intrigued by the business model of an ' seller.' Amazon has created many different means of utilization to earn an income, and variations of each subject. But, becoming an Amazon seller boils down to just one thing; sell products on Amazon.

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It's pretty straight forward, and sounds like a simple thing to do. I promise you though, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

Gaining the success on Amazon that I have seen others achieve, is proving to be a more difficult task than expected. There is a lot to educate yourself on with the platform, cost and fee structures, gaining credibility, insuring that you list your products without penalties, and not to mention the market research that is necessary to win sales in the extremely competitive world of E-Commerce.

I am continuing to learn through research, as well as practice and experience. This is new to me, and I had to do a lot of educating myself beforehand, but it all came down to making that leap towards doing. There was point when I had to realize, there is only so much I will learn, and it's time to go for it.

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Don't be afraid to go for a new challenge or venture. You can plan, and prepare forever, but you will never truly learn how to be successful until you go for it. Even if you fail after a few tries, if that's what you must do to win in the end, then that's what you must do.

The knowledge you will gain through experience and trial, will be much more extensive and valuable than any other form of education. So when the time is right, do not hesitate to jump in! Your future self will thank you for taking the risk.

Stay optimistic
Stay hungry
Stay in GoodCompany


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