Life is Crazy-Awesome

As we go about our lives; we move through the days, weeks, months, and years so quickly, we forget to, ‘stop and smell the roses.’

Every once in a while though, there is going to be some extraordinary moments, or events that are happening in your life, and right in front of your face. You have to know when its time to put down whatever it is that drives your life, and be in those moments.

Being consumed by things that are bettering your life, or making you happy, is not a bad thing. Maybe your obsession with work has given your family the ability to live at a much higher level than you ever thought possible. If you are consumed with love in your marriage, there is nothing wrong with that. Being consumed, and obsessed with a healthy lifestyle will only help you live a longer, and more fulfilled life.

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It only becomes detrimental whenever the consumption is not tamed. If you have lost control of your obsession, or you have let yourself become consumed, it will not allow you to be present in the moments that give life the MOST meaning.

Happiness in life is driven by the moments that excite emotions, entice your mind to think deeply, and give meaning to a world lost in consumption.

Strive for true happiness, and success.



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