A Powerful Tool of the Mind, to Help You Reach Your Goals

Where you stand today, is a result of what you did yesterday. Where you stand tomorrow, depends on what you do today.

When you find yourself in situations, whether bad or good, you can look back on your life and pinpoint the exact actions you took, which directly affected where you are at this very moment. The causing action or event that put you in your position may have been as long as 4 years ago, or only 4 hours.

Whether or not the effects of your actions are felt quickly, you will feel them eventually.

It’s best to act today, work today, and take the steps today..with tomorrow in mind. Today, you have to set yourself up for tomorrow. Don’t go about your day with small goals. Don’t look at only what tasks you have today, look also at what must be done tomorrow, the next day, and a week from now. Look a month or two ahead, and gain an understanding of where you want to be at that time. Once you know where you want to be in the future, you can plan, and take the necessary actions required to reach that point.
If you keep your sight only on what’s directly in front of you, you will never gain sight of what you perceive as true accomplishment and success. You must start thinking in terms of the future. It’s easy to look back on life and figure out what you should’ve or could’ve done better, but what good does that do if you’re not learning. It’s more beneficial to put yourself in your own shoes in the future, at a place where you want to be, and to look back at yourself now.
It may be a difficult thing to imagine, and it’s a bit tough to wrap your head around. I know it’s an abstract idea. But, if you can learn to master this tool of the mind, you can achieve great things in a more productive and timely manner.
The goal is to imagine what you want in life. (It can be anything from a better grade on a test, to a better job, to winning over the man/woman of your dreams.) Once you have the dream of what you want in your mind, you must then start taking steps back from that position of success.
There was a final step you took to make that dream a reality. To reach that final step, there was an earlier step before that, and another before that. Keep stepping back as many times as you must until you reach where you are at this moment in time. Each of these steps are actions that you must take to get closer to the end goal.
Once you’re back from visiting your successful self in the future, you know exactly what your first step is to get there. You also know each step, in order, after that first one. You are on your way to achieving whatever you want.
Figuring out what your goals are, and the basic steps to achieve them is only the beginning. Becoming successful, and achieving the greatness that you know you have inside of you is a long journey that requires work, learning, and consistence.
Follow my blog, on whichever platform you’d like, and I will be sure to help you achieve your goals, and ultimately live a more successful, and happier life.
Stay hungry, stay busy, stay in GoodCompany.

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