Moving Across Country Might be Your Next Step in Life

I’ve recently taken on a new opportunity with my career. It requires me to learn a lot of new fundamentals, procedures, and it even involves me being the ‘leader’ within my division. 

The new position gives me a lot of recognition as a top employee in the company, as well as the industry as a whole. There is an increased chance of promotion, pay raises, as well as the guaranteed bonuses and incentive pays. 

Overall, the outcome, or payoff of this new position is much higher than my last.

With that being said, there is an increased responsibilty. The hours, and sometimes days per week have increased. The amount of work has increased. But it will help to set me and my family up for the near, and distant future. 

I haven’t even told you the biggest kicker..

In order to take this position, my family and I were required to uproot, and move over 700 miles across the country. 

It was a big decision to make, and a huge change of pace to undergo. 

We were comfortable with our routine. We knew the area we lived in, had favorite restaurants, and enjoyed the local life a bit. 

Leaving was not the easiest thing to do, but we knew that if we wanted to better ourselves, and set our future up for success, it was necessary.

What I’ve learned, and what I’m hoping you understand as you read this, is that we must be willing to travel out of our comfort zone in order to keep life moving in the right direction. (Given the opportunity)

Not every opportunity is going to be easy. Not every new promotion will be so easily accessible. 

Be open to new places, and don’t be afraid to travel out of the comforts you’ve grown into. You’ll always have the capabilty to lay roots again. 

It may pay off greatly in the end. 

Stay ready, and open to all opportunities. 

Stay in GoodCompany. 


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