‘Listening’ and ‘Communication’ are Fundamentals of Achieving Success and Happiness

The importance of listening is sometimes overlooked I think. We’re so wrapped up in what’s going on with ourselves, and what’s happening in our own minds that we forget to stop and listen to what someone else has to say. 

It’s important to give some attention to anyone who feels they have something to teach us. You never know what kind of knowledge an individual may drop on you. On another note, when someone comes to us for guidance, we should do our best to help them. Helping others enriches our lives, and will also teach us a bit about ourselves. 

I’m not saying you should strike up a conversation with everyone that crosses your path at Walmart. But to just keep an open ear to things you may benefit from, and to those who may need your help. It will help you in the long term. 

The people that must always have our attention are the ones who are in our lives everyday. These are the people that can truly help to enrich our lives. 

The people that we encounter on a daily basis deal with a lot of the same issues and challenges as us. It could be loved ones at home, coworkers, or friends. Each group of people have different thoughts or concerns of which you may share. Take that into consideration when you’re trying to overcome a challenge. 

Our spouse’s and children at home are a big deal on this topic. We eat, sleep, and laugh together. We live together. We love together. What our families at home have on their minds, also needs to be on our own minds. Their problems, concerns, or troubles must also become our own.

 It’s important to be on the same page with your family at home because we rely on eachother at home. We look to eachother when we’re having issues at work or school, and when we have issues with one another. We each play a role in the support system of our families lives. 

If we don’t listen when our loved ones let their thoughts, or concerns flow, we’ll never know what’s really going on inside their personal or professional lives. 

When this shutout happens, it’s impossible for us to be there for them like we should be. The lack of communication, or LISTENING, on our part can cause a barrier that prevents learning, healing and growth amongst our loved ones, and ourselves.

While we work on ourselves and strive to make ourselves better, we must always be attentive to the needs of those around us. Success is not really success if it’s gained at the cost of hurting the ones that help us get there.

True success is achieved whenever we are able to lift our friends, families, and organizations to the same level of achievement. A large factor of gaining true success that we have control of, is communicating.

Communication is the basic level of keeping an effective streamline of progress. The first step of beneficial communicating at our personal level is listening. We have to be open to the thoughts and ideas of others.

We must have open ears, open minds, and open hearts in order learn, and grow. 

Keep your ears open.

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