A Battle Lost Is A Lesson To Win The War

You’re not always going to win. You’re not always going to come out on top the first time.

Sometimes in life, you’re going to fail. It’s not uncommon for you to fail. In fact, I would say that it’s expected to fail sometimes. I’m not saying that you should expect to fail. You should never anticipate failure. You should always be confident that you will be successful in any endeavor that you take on. Having a confident outlook is important, but it’s not everything. Confidence plays a role in success, but it doesn’t guarantee your success. You can be the most confident person in the world, but it doesn’t make your plans fool-proof. The chances of failure are always present.

Failure is not the end. If you’re find yourself failing while pursuing a goal or dream, don’t give up! If you can recognize that you aren’t receiving the payout, or the outcome that you’d like, then you should also recognize that there is reason you aren’t gaining success.

Once you are able to see that your process is not providing the end result, you need to look for the reason you aren’t succeeding. There may be a flaw in your process and it may be a simple change. Your process may be flawed entirely, and require a complete overhaul. Don’t be scared if you cant find a small imperfection that has a simple solution. You may need to change the entire process all together. That’s OK though.

When you develop a plan to achieve a goal, you become attached to it. You have almost a sentimental connection to these ideas you’ve created. So much of your time and effort has been put into creating this system. Its your jewel, your baby, it’s precious to you. Don’t be blinded by the personified emotions you feel towards a goal plan.  Don’t let yourself continue a path if it’s not giving you what you want. You may feel so good about this method, but you’ll feel even better when you reach your goal. You’ll never achieve something new and great, if you continue doing something old. Especially if what your doing is not progressive towards your dreams.

Failure never has to be the end of a dream. Disappointment is only a door of opportunity, opening for you to see what needs to be done to achieve success. If you cross paths with failure on your journeys, don’t allow it to sway you away from your dreams. Allow your sufferings to be teachers, and let them show you the way of your errors, in order to correct them.

If you fail, try again. Just don’t keep trying the same way. If you continue to fail, continue to learn, adapt, and try again.

Never give up the war, just because you’ve lost a battle. Regroup, and plan the next attack.

Stay positive.

Stay in GoodCompany.


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