Success is a Vision That Must be Taken by Your Own Hand

There is no one in your life that is responsible for YOUR life. Every decision that you make, every action you take, and every thought that comes across your mind is the product of yourself.

You are responsible for your own mistakes and you are responsible for how you learn from them. If something interrupts you while you’re on your path, it’s up to you how much of a setback it causes. You can either not act, which is more destructive to progress than anything, or you can tell yourself that you will get over this obstacle no matter what it takes and you will come out on top. You will work hard towards your goal. You will be victorious.

If you decide to give up on a goal, there’s no one to blame but yourself. No one can force you to give up, or give in. You must have the will power, and the dedication to get what you want in life.

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If you are always blaming others for what’s going wrong in your life, and you are never accepting any of the responsibility to make things get better, I can be certain that you are having a very difficult time achieving your goals. If you feel like this might be an accurate description of a part of your life, it’s time to look in the mirror and really evaluate what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what steps you’re taking to become successful.

If there are any millionaire entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, real estate tycoons, or professional athletes that have gotten to where they are because of someone else’s actions other than their own, I don’t know their name. Probably because those people don’t exist!

No one on the planet earth ever becomes successful because of the actions of others. Success is a prize that is earned only by those whom work for it. The records Tom Brady broke weren’t broken because of someone else’s effort. He broke them because he never gave up on what he wanted, and he took the necessary actions needed to be the best.

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Success is a vision that you must develop on your own. Achieving your vision of success is a path that you must stay on with the efforts of yourself. It is your responsibility to conquer any obstacles on your path. It is your responsibility to take the actions needed to achieve success.

No one will tie your shoes for you anymore. No one will wipe your mouth for you anymore. There is no one that will conquer the world for you. Your life is in your hands.

So, what are you going to do? Stay stagnant in your life, with no vision of success or greatness? Or are you going to go out and work for the life you want for you and your family?

No one can make the decision but you.


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