There’s Nothin’ To It, But To Do It!

The importance of planning, preparing, and developing guidelines in order to reach a goal should never be underestimated. If we want to achieve success and accomplish the unimaginable, we must have cohesive ideas and plans to reach our dreams.

This step, in the effort to achieve greatness, is the preliminary procedure that requires effort and time. No expeditionary leader went on any journey without first learning, and preparing for the adventure at hand. Every trailblazer of the west, conquistador of Europe, or explorer of ancient times had a plan. They learned of what their journey was going to consist of, they planned for it, and they executed the plan.

The greatest resemblance of all high-achievers is that they all took action. This is something we often have trouble doing. Taking the first step forward.

We can plan, prepare, research, and lay out the blueprints for as long as necessary, but it is important for us to know when we’re done with the planning stage, and ready to begin the process of execution.

There is a term that I’ve often heard, ‘analysis paralysis.’ By definition, it means; ‘the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect, paralyzing the outcome.’

This is a problem that we all often face, and it’s a problem that we must all overcome. There will never be a victory, accomplishment, or achieved goal if all we do is plan and never take the first steps. We will never advance our life if we don’t move forward with our goals. We will never meet our goals if we don’t plan. There aint nothin to it, but to DO IT!

Plan for your goals, but don’t hesitate to take those first steps forward.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”   -Lao Tzu

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