10 Influential People With Stories That Will Motivate You To Succeed

Here is a list of 10 people that have turned their lives around so drastically, that they changed the stars of their families for generations after them. Some people are born into wealth and success, but there are so many other stories of folks born with next to nothing, that turned their world upside-down. Read about the work these men and women put in, and be inspired by their stories. Let the stories you read here be an eye opening experience that helps you to see the potential you have.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most influential figures of the physics community during his time. Not only did he shake the late 17th/early 16th century ground with his discoveries, he has also provided more recent scientists with the building blocks for inventions such as; steam engines, skyscrapers, jet propulsion engines, and so many more. Newton’s laws of motion were earth-shattering principles that directly allowed the industrial revolution to take place. Newton 1

Newton, a prematurely born baby, was weak, and wasn’t expected to survive. He was separated from his mother at such an early age, it was said to have induced a strong anxiety problem, as well as very obsessive behavior. Against all odds, he still grew to become one of the most well respected, and well-remembered scientists of all time. Newton 2

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ early life was spent reading many books, and excelling in his studies at school. It was said by his mother that he would become bored with his school work, as he was not challenged. Just to give an example of Bill Gates’ brilliance, he scored a 1590 out of 1600 on his SAT. Wow, That’s a smart dude!

During his freshman year at Harvard, Bill didn’t give much effort towards his classes, he spent most of time in the computer lab. While attending Harvard, Bill heard from his friend, Paul, about a new microcomputer and was fascinated by the technology. He quit his schooling to pursue the development of software for that company. Gates and Allen were ill-equipped, and ill-prepared for the journey they were embarking on. They formed a partnership called, ‘Micro-Soft,’ (later called, Microsoft) that would go on to be the world’s largest software company. The early years of the company were plagued with lawsuits, bad deals, and federal investigations. Bill, Allen, and their team were challenged and tested all the way to the top. Bill’s persistence, smarts, and business-savvy deals paved the way to a multi-billion-dollar company. Bill Gates

Andrew Carnegie

Industrial revolutionist, and generous philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie, was born to a simple family in Scotland. When he was 13 years old, he and his family moved to the Pennsylvania, and he started working in a factory for $1.20 a week. Andrew spent the next couple of years working under harsh conditions, for even harsher payment. 5 years later he began working for the Pennsylvania railroad. While working for minimum wages at the railroad, Carnegie learned many lessons about business.

During the 8 years Andrew Carnegie spent at the railroad, he started making investments to increase his monetary status. The next 10 years he spent his time and energy in the steel industry and started his own business that was later known as the ‘Carnegie Steel Company.’ Carnegie’s steel corporation helped fuel the industrial revolution. Carnegie overcame the hardships of a poor immigrant, and became a man who shaped what America is today. Carnegie

Jackie Robinson

Any time before 1947, it was unheard-of for any person of color to play Major League Baseball. One man broke that barrier. Jackie Robinson was that man. Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. He was raised in near-poverty, but still managed to play high school sports, and earn MVP of his region. He went on to play sports at UCLA, but was eventually forced to quit, due to his financial Hardships.

During WWII, Jackie served in the US Army, but never actually saw the war overseas. Instead, he was on the frontlines of racial tension. During boot-camp, he refused to give his seat up on the bus, and was arrested. His story of racial injustice received national recognition, and he eventually was discharged from the military honorably. After his discharge, Jackie went on to play baseball for the Negro Leagues. Not surprisingly, Jackie excelled in the league and gained attention from the MLB. He was drafted to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and played his first game in 1947. During his time as a dodger, Jackie was hit hard with racial slurs on the field, from fans and even teammates. Despite the racial abuse he received, Jackie Robinson was one of the league’s all-time best players, and was the strong voice for aspiring African-American Athletes. Robinson

Grant Cardone

Having produced multiple bestselling books on business and finance, as well as making his way to becoming an internationally recognized sales master, Grant Cardone is a textbook tale of how dedication and hard work can blaze a trail through any troubles of life. Grant grew up, and was raised in a middle-class home. His father died when grant was only 10 years old, leaving his mother to raise him and his siblings. He has stated that he was labeled as an out of control, ADD, OCD, troubled soul. He faced the trials of a drug addiction, and became distant from friends, and family. Grant Cardone has gone through hell in life, but as soon as he reached the tipping point, he started his journey to become a world class public figure. He now owns 3 multi-million-dollar businesses, and runs an internet television network where he mentors, and inspires people to become the best version of themselves. Grant Cardone is a true ‘rags to riches story. Cardone

Coco Chanel

One of the world’s most influential, and successful fashion designers was Frenchwoman, Coco Chanel. Not long after she was born her mother passed and her father put her into an orphanage. Chanel was raised, and taught by nuns for most of her young life. After have been an orphan for years, Chanel went on to have a brief career as a singer, where she earned the nickname, “Coco.”

Around age 20, she had help from 2 men to propel her first fashion endeavor forward. Her first shop, opened in 1910, was on ‘Rue Cambon’ in Paris, France. After opening two more stores, and designing clothing that won the hearts of her customers, Chanel launched her first perfume, “Chanel No. 5.” The release of this product blasted her business to new levels. Coco Chanel’s company now survives today, more than 100 years later, as one of the highest levels of fashion in the industry. Chanel

Clara Barton

Born in Oxford Massachusetts, on Christmas day, 1821; Clara Barton had a shyness about her that prevented her to make any friends in her adolescent life. Her shyness did not stop her though, from helping others when she could. In her early adult life, Clara became a teacher, and was a very talented one. It wasn’t long until Clara left her career in teaching to move away to D.C. There, she worked as a clerk in a patent office.

Not long after working in D.C. the Civil War broke out, and opened an opportunity to help people. Clara worked as a nurse in hospitals that treated the soldiers. Many of the wounded would die before they got to the hospital, so she decided to go to the battlefields to treat them as soon as possible. Her requests to have presence at the battles were denied time after time. In 1862 she received permission to nurse wounded soldiers on the battlefield in Fredericksburg. When her field nursing days were over, she established offices for nursing associations, and families of wounded, or lost soldiers. Later she founded the American Red Cross, which helped in the relief efforts of national crisis’ such as; hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. When Clara was about 79 years old, she left the Red Cross, and founded the National First Aid Society in 1905. Barton

Mark Cuban

Starting his life in Pittsburgh, during the summer of 58, Mark Cuban showed the signs of entrepreneurism very early. His grandfather was an immigrant from Russia, and he supported his family by selling goods from the back of his truck. When Cuban was in high school, he made extra money by collecting and selling rare stamps, and coins. Mark paid his way through college by utilizing his entrepreneur mindset, and even gave dance lessons, which transformed into hosting disco parties.

After college, Mark Cuban went on to be the owner of industry transforming companies, such as MicroSolutions. Cuban eventually sold the software company for $6 million. He collaborated with Todd Wagner and started AudioNet in 1995. The company went live in 1998 with the new name, Broadcast.com. The firm gained outstanding success. After only a year later, Partners Wagner, and Cuban sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo! for $6 billion. To this day, Mark Cuban still has his hands on many businesses and is still making a fortune. Cuban

Leonardo Del Vecchio

Del Vecchio was born near Milan, Italy. He was born into a poor home, and his mother gave him to an orphanage. The start to this man’s life could not tell the coming tale of grand ventures. He started his career working as an apprentice to a tool and die maker. He gained metalworking skills that laid the foundation for his ability to design spectacles. In his late 20’s, Del Vecchio moved to an area of Italy that is known for its production of fine spectacles. He started with parts for eyewear, and eventually began designing and creating entire spectacles. Through hard work, and persistence, Leonardo Del Vecchio started his company, and gained the attention of the world. He later acquired other brands such as Ray-Ban, Pearle Vision, Sunglass Hut, Oakley, and others. The acquisition of brands, and companies made it possible for this orphan of Italy, become one of the richest men in his country. His net worth as of 2016 is, $18.6 billion. Del Vecchio

J.K. Rowling

One of the most popular book, and film series of all time, Harry Potter, is created by; J. K. Rowling, also known as Joanne Rowling. In her early years, Rowling knew she wanted to be a writer. During teenage life, and early adulthood, her mother battled with MS, and eventually died when Rowling was 25. She said this was the most traumatizing moment in her life.

3 years after the death of her mother, Rowling had a daughter. When her daughter was only 1-years old, her husband left and she moved, with her daughter, to Scotland. Single mother, broke, and unemployed Rowling was forced to live on welfare. During this time, she was writing “Harry Potter.” The first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” received rejection after rejection from publishers, until 1997, when ‘BloomsBury’ gave the go-ahead. It was said that only 3 days after the book was published, American publishing rights were bid for, for $100,000. Her books have since sold more than 450 million copies, and made J.K Rowling worth more than $1 billion. J.K. Rowling


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