Internal Conflict

We often discuss the conflicts and wars that rage on in places of the country, and of the world that we never see firsthand. We allow ourselves to be consumed by the news on TV and on social media sites we engage with. I don’t want you to believe I don’t care about the tragedies our world faces, but I do want you to think more of the tragedies of your own life. Those wars, riots, and revolutions that are happening on the opposite side of the planet are often terrible events, but they usually don’t affect your life directly. Maybe you pay close attention to the troubles people on our planet face for a reason. I wouldn’t hesitate to think that you want to help them. There is a very important step you must take to help them though.

To help anyone, you must first help yourself.

If you consider your own life, the problems you face and the obstacles you must overcome have a much greater impact on your life than any conflict in the world. The greatest conflict in your life is the conflict you have inside. This is true for every one of us. We are always questioning ourselves, questioning what we’re doing with our lives. We doubt the abilities we have. We doubt the fact that we can all make a difference. We tell ourselves that we are not doing enough, or that we are doing too much. The conflicts we have with ourselves are the most destructive of any problem we will ever witness in our life.

I want you to understand that even though you are having these conflicts with yourself, it isn’t the end. You aren’t a loser. You are good enough to make a difference. You can prove to your friends, family, and most importantly, to yourself, that you can achieve any goal. You can overcome any obstacle.

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With any war, there are two sides; the good guys, and the bad guys(who you decide to be good and bad, is relative to your own beliefs). When it comes to the war that is within yourself, the good guy is the life you can live that has the potential to be endlessly fantastic. The good guy is the life that is lived with honor and respect for everyone in it. The good guy is the opportunity to achieve any goal, and become whatever you want to be. The bad guy in this war is any opposition to the belief of a more successful life. The bad guy is the little guy in your head telling you to stop dreaming. He is telling you that you won’t succeed. He is telling you to give up, or to never even get started.

The good guy can win this battle. You can live the life that you envision for yourself, and for your family. You have to fight the battle though. You can’t just give up and hope for the best. You can’t watch the news stories, and tell yourself, “At least I’m better off than that.” Cut the TV off. Pay attention to the war that is happening in your own home. The real war is already raging on. The real war is inside of you. Fight the war! Fight for the life you want. Fight for the good guys. Don’t allow the negative opposition to win.

Don’t allow your life to be the victim of negative influence. Especially if the negative influence is coming from within your own mind. You are in control. If you have lost control. Take it back!

Your life is in your hands. The war inside is the only war you must pay attention to. Fight the war, and win your life. Win the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Never quit fighting, and stay in GoodCompany.


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