If You Procrastinate, You Are Losing

Do you have a hard time getting yourself started? Have you made some goals that you never followed through with, or maybe you decided they weren’t goals worth pursuing? (Even though they were.) Maybe you’re allowing yourself to be distracted, which prevents you from working towards success. Chances are, if you are not getting started on a goal, or product of your life, you are a PROCRASTINATOR. If you are constantly giving yourself excuses, and allowing yourself to believe they’re valid, when they’re not, you’re a PROCRASTINATOR.

Procrastination is a lack of dedication, a lack of vision, and a lack of discipline. If you are delaying the actions you need to take in life, you are delaying your own happiness and success. Why would you do that to yourself? I mean, come on. If you know what you must do to achieve victory, why would you let yourself give up before you even get started? A farmer doesn’t procrastinate when it’s time to harvest for the season. If he did, the crop would go bad. He wouldn’t get paid, and his family would go hungry. The crop that was supposed to be harvested had a purpose. It was to go into the nation’s food supply. If he procrastinated and left the plants to die, then there would be less of a surplus for the nation to consume. Less surplus leads to a lot of bad things within a civilization. I may be going a little over the top with this example, but hey, the consequences you may suffer from procrastinating might be just as severe.

I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, but if you are procrastinating anything, it’s probably your fault. I doubt there is anyone in your life that is forcing you to put a hold on what you need to do for success. If there are people like that in your life, they are borderline EVIL, and you need to get rid of them. Don’t freak out though, because I’m sure you’re a great person, and being a procrastinator doesn’t mean you are weak, or less than anyone else. So, don’t fret. There is a silver lining to it all. The fact that it IS your fault, means that YOU can stop procrastinating. It is up to YOU though. Just like almost anything else that is for the betterment of your life, you are the sole person that oversees the action.

Tackling procrastination should be a constant focus while pursuing your goals. Over time, if you actively fight it, procrastination will fade away. I’m no expert, and I have been a procrastinator. I still do it, but I catch myself when I come up with excuses. I give myself a swift kick in the ass, and get back to work!

I don’t want you delaying your future. I don’t want you to waste away while your potential is disintegrating. Your life can be so successful and fulfilling, but it is essential for you to work for it. While pursuing any goal in life, you are going to reach some wall, some obstacle that is going to require you to fight. You are going to have to work through it, and if you’re focused, you will. These challenges are going to present themselves throughout your journey, it’s inevitable. It is also crucial to overcome them. The thing is though, if you procrastinate, you will never reach the obstacle that you must face to win, and you will never cross that finish line.

Take Action! Don’t allow the monster, that is PROCRASTINATION, destroy your opportunities.

If you want to win, you must begin.

Every journey, every story, every success or victory starts with one step. Don’t delay that step.

I want to help, and I will if you let me. So, keep it up, and stay in GoodCompany.



3 responses to “If You Procrastinate, You Are Losing

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    • Hey Mark!

      Thanks for your kind words, and support. I really appreciate and cherish every bit of love GoodCompany gets.
      Don’t forget to follow, share, and subscribe to receive emails 😉
      I will be doing a ‘survey’ for an ebook that I will be writing soon.
      Thanks again, Mark.



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