Patience, on the Road to Success.

“Patience is a virtue.” I know you’ve heard this proverb before, right? Of course you have. We’ve heard this from our parents, teachers, uncles, friends and family of all sorts, our whole life. You probably hear this at least once a month from someone in your life now. I know I tell people this all the time. But do we really accept patience as a virtue in our life? Even though this is a saying that we’ve heard since childhood and on, have we really let it sink in, and help us through the journey of life? I’d even go as far to ask; do you even know what it means? Hmm, lets dive in.

So, first I’d say we need to have an understanding of what patience is. Patience is the ability to endure something that is taking a long time to achieve, without getting mad. That’s a loose definition, but it holds truth. Mostly, a definition is not a good ‘lesson,’ but in this case. I can agree with it. Being patient means that you have to be able to suffer through the consequence of passing time, in order to achieve a goal. It’s pretty simple. I DO think though, that there is a stereotype of patience.

You can’t believe that if you’re patient, and wait a long time for something good to come your way, it’s going to happen. Good things don’t just come to us in life while we sit around waiting. I’d say that would be called, LUCK. Luck doesn’t get you what you want. Everything takes work, and great things take HARD work. There is a relationship between patience and hard work.

No matter what you want in life, you have to put in the work for it. You also have to be patient though. If you work hard for a day and expect to make a weeks’ worth of progress, because you were ‘patient’ the rest of the week, but did nothing, you will make no progress and you will lose. We must put in consistent hard work, every day. If you’re not getting the results you want at first, don’t stop and quit. Be patient. Keep putting in that work, and be patient. Patience doesn’t really work if we don’t put work in.

WORK is the vehicle that gets us to the goal. PATIENCE is the road that it travels on. Stop working, and you stop moving forward. Stop working, and patience becomes wasted time.

Now that we hit on what patience means to us, let’s take a look at what a virtue is, and how patience is one.

A virtue is a behavior that demonstrates good morality. So someone that is virtuous, is someone who holds high morals. In the case of patience, it would be a trait that is desirable on a high moral level. That’s perfect.

We definitely all need to adopt patience as one of our virtue’s. If we do so, it will bring us all one step closer to success in our life. If you accept patience as one of your own personal traits (or virtues), it will show. You will find yourself helping so many others in need. If you aren’t a patient person, you will pass up a fellow human being that needs help with the groceries that just fell out of their bag. Why? Because you feel like you don’t have the time to stop for 35 seconds. If you do practice patience on a regular basis, and allow it to be a part of who you are, you will never pass up another human that is need of your assistance. This is on the moral side of things, but I promise you, you will feel so much better about the way things are going for yourself if you practice helping others.

On the side of success in business, career, finance, or any other venture you take on, patience will help you achieve victory. No matter what voyage you embark on, it will probably take a great deal of time, and that requires you to be patient. You aren’t going to open up a brand new business, and earn thousands in the first day. It will take time. BUT, if you keep working hard, and you promote your business, perfect your product, and be patient, you will see your success rate multiplying. Don’t give up. Just work! And be patient!

It all goes back to the tortoise and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race right? Don’t allow yourself to get confused though. The turtle didn’t stop, he kept going, and then he won. Slowly. Don’t tell yourself that sitting on the couch is being patient. It’s not. It’s giving up. Don’t give up, push on, and achieve the greatness you were meant to.

Stay in GoodCompany, be patient, work hard, and you will be victorious.


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