Setting Goals for Success

Setting goals for yourself is an absolute must! If you want to truly change something about your life, and make a difference for the better, you’re going to have to set some goals!

A lot of people come up short, as a result of poor goal setting, while trying to better themselves

Think of all the New Year’s resolutions that you told everyone you were going to make happen. I bet a lot of those resolutions were forgotten, until the next year. If you were to actually plan out those resolutions, and set clear goals, you would have resolved whatever it was you decided you needed to make happen.

In order to achieve our potential and realize our goals, we have to plan. Greatness is not achieved by wishful thinking, it takes organized thoughts, and actions.

The first thing you need to do is, DREAM BIG! Set the bar as high as you can see, and then push it even further than that. Don’t set the standard low. I’ve heard people say, ‘If you set the bar low and dream small, then there is less chance of disappointment.’ Well that’s just ridiculous! That right there is nothing but talk from people who have already given up on themselves.

SET THE BAR HIGH! If you dream big, you’ll always come out on top, even if you fall a little bit short.

So, now that you have a dream that’s as enormous as the vast universe, you can start to plan. Don’t be scared, it may seem impossible when you start understanding the gravity of what you’re dreaming for, but I’m going to break this down for you!

One of the largest reasons people fail to achieve their goals, is because they give up. Now, I think they’re giving up because things aren’t happening as fast as they want, or they don’t feel they are accomplishing anything at all. Don’t get discouraged!

You have your goal. You know what it is, now you just need to get there. You’re not going to get there in just 3 or 4 steps are you? I didn’t think so. We don’t dream small enough to get there that quick! No, it’s going to take you; 10, 20, 50, 200 steps. However difficult this task is to complete. So be it. That’s your DREAM. You knew it was going to be difficult before you started it.

Break it down.

You have one large, “end-goal.” That’s your dream to come…in time.

Break that ‘end-goal’ into 5-10 ‘main-goals.’ These will be your milestones towards your completion. It is urgently important to prioritize these goals. Have a desired order of completion. In order to complete #3, you must first complete #2, in order to complete #2, you must first complete #1. They have to have an organized order, all moving forward to the “End-Goal.” You get the idea. These will be difficult tasks in themselves, but they will be so rewarding, and you will know that you’re on your way to the Big One.

In order to complete the ‘main-goals’ you’re going to have to do a lot of hard work and planning for each one. This requires organization, and a strict plan. There will be a plan of its own, with steps of its own, for each one of your main goals. If you stick to the plan you create, then you will achieve your dreams. Don’t be worried if you have to do some minor tweaking throughout your plan. Its ok. Life throws us curve balls, and we adjust our swing to make contact. Roll with whatever comes our way. Just make sure you look at the ENTIRE plan when doing some adjustments.

Did I mention you need to write this plan down? Yes. Write everything down. Go and buy a $1.29 composition book and use it specifically for goal setting. It is extremely important to write things down while in the pursuit of a goal. Before you write it down, it is only a dream, and wishful thinking. As soon as you lay a plan out with ink and paper, it becomes a realistic, attainable goal. You need to have the visual aid to get you going. It’s a motivator, and an organizer. It will get you to your destination.

If you complete a written plan with a clear goal, and medium-sized goals to achieve it, and even smaller goals to achieve each one of the medium goals, you will never get discouraged! With each small step towards the goal, there is a victory. These small victories are like an exponential force of motivation. Each time you complete one, the next one is even better. Before you know it, your completing larger scale steps to achieving the BIG ONE. The dream that you used to wish for is only a few more victories away. You are on your way, to achieving greatness. Don’t let it slip away. Have a plan and continue motivating, and encouraging yourself.

Think. Plan. Embark. Complete. Win.

Make it happen.

Stay in GoodCompany, and you will achieve your dreams.


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