I really enjoyed reading this article by; doctor jonathan. He was excellent with his words, and really helps you understand the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing’
Very well done. Thanks Doctor…

All About Healthy Choices

il_570xn-998544414_6go2If we didn’t already have enough decisions to make in life, here’s one more! Are the differences between these two lifestyles simply semantics or are they so different they are incongruous with each other?

80a6372496f449c0a67c24f5eaee6d18WHAT IS LIVING?

Living involves willful choosing. It requires an individual to prioritize life and pursue that which he or she values. It requires ACTIVE participation, acute awareness and a willingness to accept FAILURE and SUCCESS. It requires ongoing introspection to determine whether the course one follows is meeting the criteria (ex. ethical and moral) and needs (ex. passion and purpose) one seeks in life. It requires energy and effort to contend with all the obstacles one faces. It requires using the MIND to reach INDIVIDUAL conclusions based on personal beliefs that may differ from the majority of people’s thinking. It is the magic behind each and every heartbeat that is the essence of life itself.

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