The Power of ‘Motivation’


noun | mo–ti–va–tion |

: the act or process of giving someone a reason for doing something

:the act or process of motivating someone

: the condition of being eager to act or work: the condition of being motivated.

: a force or influence that causes someone to do something

This is the ‘simple definition’ as per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. So, do you feel motivated? I didn’t think so. You may have an understanding of what the technical meaning of being motivated is. But I know that this doesn’t make you feel empowered.

My favorite definition here is the fourth one: a force or influence that causes someone to do something.

I like this a lot because I believe it captures the essence of what motivation is a little better than the other 2. It has strong words like FORCE and INFLUENCE. Motivation is a strong force in itself.

So what is motivation really? We know the definition. But how do we get an understanding of the actual spirit of it? I’m going to do my best to help you with that by dissecting that last definition I like so much.

First off, it’s a FORCE or INFLUENCE, right? We don’t see a force, it isn’t tangible, but we can feel it, and the feeling is strong! An influence can come from outside of ourselves, and from inside.

It may come from people that are trying to help motivate you. Examples would be a personal trainer, yelling at you to, “PUMP IT OUT!” Or a career counselor that’s telling you about a path you should take, and is persuading you with positive outcomes. Becoming motivated by others’ influence is not bad, (unless they are motivating you to make bad decisions. Stay away from those people.) There are great motivational people out there that really get your blood flowing, and your mind racing. Some people make top dollar at speaking conventions, where thousands of people come, JUST TO BE INFLUENCED. I love listening to motivational speakers, and watching their videos. I don’t believe though, that this is the best source for motivation, as it usually ends with a temporary burst of inspiration.

The strongest and most ‘influential’ form of ‘influence’ doesn’t come from others. It comes right from our own core.

Self-motivation is a powerful key to success!

Motivating, and forcing yourself is more effective because in order to self-motivate, we must become consistent. The consistency keeps our soul burning with motivation. The more we influence ourselves to want more in life, to do better for ourselves and our family, to become a more fit human, to earn more money, to love more, to hate less, THE HUNGRIER WE BECOME.

The hunger is fuel for greatness. When you’re feeling that hunger from the depths of who you are, you begin to think better.

The hunger is GOOD.

Being motivated is one of the keys on a large chain to achieving success and greatness. Understand it. Become it. Live it. As soon as you start leading a motivated life, you will become more successful in every aspect.

I would love to keep going on this topic because I could keep going for a while…but, I’ve promised myself not to write more than 2 pages per post… But know that I am not done with this subject. I feel very strongly about motivation and what it can bring us in life, so I will write more on it.

In the meantime, stay in GoodCompany


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