An Outside Influencer

Understanding how our attitude and mentality is affected by our own self is important in the effort to become more positive, successful, and happy. There is another large factor that I would like to expand on a bit, that does not come from within our own mind…

Other people in our life.

Unlike the role of positive self-talk and commanding dominance over your own mind and thinking, the role other people surrounding us plays, comes from the outside. With the inward aspect of developing ourselves into more positive individuals, we are in complete control. On the other hand, we can’t force others to be as we want them to be. So, we don’t have as strong a grip on this as we do our own minds.

It needs to be understood though, we may not be able to control who the people around us are as individuals, but we can control if we let them influence us.

When there is someone in our life that isn’t always in a great mood, or projects irrational, and hurtful things on us, it DOES hurt us. Even if you just shrug it off, and carry on like nothing has bothered you. It’s still bringing you down. It’s important not to ignore this. If unaddressed, it may lead you to a very negative time in your life.

The best way to deny negative influence in our lives from others around us, is to plainly; just stay away. Now, this is not exactly easy. Some of the people who impose bad attitudes, or hurtful philosophies on us are good friends, family, co-workers, and maybe even a significant other. Its ok though, you don’t have to disown a family member, or leave your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Most of the time, when someone close to us is enacted a harmful attitude on you, they are going through some things themselves that we may be unaware of. It would be a good idea not to critique them at this time. Do your best not to get angry, or upset at what their talking to you about. Try and listen and understand that they are in a negative place. You can take their negative energy and redirect it towards a more positive outcome.

A negative force is strong, but if the momentum is transmitted into positive encouragement, you both can benefit and become more positive individuals. If you can learn to help others overcome the negative feeling they are imposing on you, by relation, you yourself will have less negativity in your life.

The subject of outside negative influence from others, is a broad and extensive one. I could write an entire book on it. I do not have the resources to do that now, so I will have to post more about the subject in the near future!

Thank you for stopping by for some positive influence in your life!!

Remember, nothing here but positive talks, and GoodCompany.


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