Realize Your Purpose

I rested on my back in the soft grass many, many nights, looking to the stars. I stared up, searching, as if the answer was going to jump out at me. Even though the sky didn’t open up and tell me what my calling was, I was able to think deeply, and explore places of my mind, that I never ventured to. I was able to ask myself the real questions, and only then was I able to understand the real answers.

I believe that a large majority of the human race goes through their days wondering, and daydreaming about what their true purpose is. It’s a difficult matter to address and almost seems unreal to think that anyone actually KNOWS, for a fact, what their purpose is. How could you know? What are the signs that show you the way?

I can’t tell you exactly how to find your purpose in life, and I can’t tell you what your purpose is. But, I do hope that I can help you find it.

I’m not an old wise man, nor am I the owner of a fancy degree that permits me to give you advice on the meaning of your existence. Even though that’s true, I don’t intend on leaving you to find it out yourself. I think that I’ve found my purpose. I’m only just now starting to realize it and as I realize my purpose, and potential, I hope to help you find yours as well.

Learning your calling or purpose is not just about deciding where you want work, or how you EARN your living. No one has ever bought a $70,000 car and said, “This is the reason I was put on Earth.” Well, maybe someone has, but I don’t think I trust that person. Your purpose is not a tangible thing, and I believe that’s a huge reason why people have such a hard time of understanding it. Knowing your calling is just that, KNOWING. It is a state of mind. It’s a FEELING.

You won’t find the meaning behind your life looking through the classified sections of your local newspaper. You won’t find it searching through ads on Craigslist, quizzes on Facebook, or surveys on Google. Those places do not have the answer. The answer to who you are is inside of you. It IS you. The only way you can truly understand what you’re supposed to do in life, is if you look inward. There is so much that you can learn about yourself if you just look inside. We are too distracted nowadays by things that are MEANT to distract you. TV commercials, billboards, bills, car problems, maybe its people who you believe have found their way. The list of distractions in life goes on, and on. It’s up to you to block it out. These distractions are keeping you from the calling inside your GUT. So, pay attention to it when its screaming out at you. By the way, it is screaming. Your calling is YELLING, at the top of its lungs. Just trying to get you to see it.

I’m sure you’ve suffered through a tough breakup, moved far away from friends, or had a dog run away. When that happened in your life, when you lost something that was close to you, it made you hurt. You were hurt inside and you didn’t know what to do about it. You felt EMPTY inside, right? I know that’s how it was for me. I felt like there was a hollow entity living inside my gut. It was empty, and dark, and it HURT. Time usually heals these things, and you go on about your life, but you can still feel a faint darkness, or emptiness inside. What that leftover vacancy is, is your purpose.

You didn’t realize it before, but you were allowing yourself to be distracted by something. When you lost that something, your purpose was reawakened, and it’s getting a second, third, or maybe a fourth wind. Your purpose is waiting on you. You have to stop distracting yourself from it with other things in life. Your life is YOURS, and it’s up to you to make sure you fill it with whatever you are supposed to. Understanding your potential seems like an impossible task, but I promise you, if you look inside of your own mind and have trust in your gut, you will find it.

One distraction that I believe to be a large factor in hindering your realization of self, and purpose, is other people. People that tell you what YOUR purpose is. Don’t let people act like they know what you’re supposed to do with your life. They don’t know, and honestly if they’re acting like they do know, that person, or those people are actually working AGAINST your pursuit of understanding the meaning of your life. Stay strong, and listen to your gut when these people put obstacles in front of you.

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Once you’ve decided to go on the journey of finding your purpose, you’ve made one of the first steps towards a life full of happiness and success. You might start doing things you never thought of while you’re in this pursuit, some will help you achieve your goal, and some you may find to be a distraction. It’s important to decide which of these new endeavors are positive influences to gaining self-understanding, and which are keeping you from it. The act of distinguishing between them is also a large part of growing into a successful version of yourself.

This is going to be a tough ride. Don’t expect it to go smoothly, although I do wish this to be as pleasant as possible for you. Life is a roller coaster, and understanding your purpose is going to take you for a loop. You’ll find yourself upside down sometimes, and you’re going to feel like throwing in the towel. Don’t do that. Don’t give up on yourself. Stay strong, and fight discouragement with a positive attitude and positive thoughts. I hope that you stick with me while you find your way, because I am going to be here, working hard to help you the best I can.


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3 responses to “Realize Your Purpose

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  2. The three “P’s” are usually found together as people make their journey through life. They are PURPOSE, PASSION and PERSISTENCE. These three words are commonly spoken by people that truly enjoy LIFE.
    I believe your words will help inspire people to find a path destined for this journey.

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  3. This was a very intellectual piece of reading. I read many posts on here daily and not many seem to get me thinking but this one, was exceptional. This was very well written, and I truly hope that you continue with more work.

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